How To Download Videos from Facebook

  • 05 Feb 2022 17:25
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How To Download Videos from Facebook

Facebook is the best and Biggest social media platform on the Web. Most of us use Facebook and 99% of chances are that YOU also use Facebook. We all love to share Images, Videos, and Status on Facebook. This post is about how to download a video from Facebook.

I know most of you want to download Facebook videos shared by your friends and other Facebook users, but there is no option to download them directly. In this post, I will discuss all the Best methods to download Facebook videos.

IDM (Internet Download Manager) is a very famous downloading software, but it is unable to download Facebook videos. Facebook videos have different privacy settings depending upon the Uploader, you can only download Facebook videos with the Public Privacy setting.

How to Download Video From Facebook.

Bellow, I am listing all the methods to perform this task choose which one suits you. If you download Videos rarely then I will recommend you to use Online tools or manual methods to do this. But, If you download usually then you can use software also.

How to Download Videos From Facebook Manually.

I am a Big fan of doing things Manually. I do not like to use Websites, Software for every single work. If you download Facebook Videos rarely then downloading it manually will be best for you. It is a simple and Fast method and I recommend you all.

  1. Open the post of the Video and replace WWW in the link to M.
  2. After making the change Hit Enter. You will see the mobile version of Facebook. Play the video and Righ click on the video, there will be an option to  “Save Videos As”
  3. After clicking on “Save videos as….” a popup will appear. You can change the name of the file and click on Save button. After clicking on save button Download will start.

Why I recommend the manual method.

It is a fast method. You do not need to Install any software, Extension or any other website which is the best reason. This trick works on all the Operating systems and mobile devices also. On Mobile devices, the Right click function is Long Press on the Video and you will see an option to Save Videos.

If you, Do not want to use this step follow the other method listed bellow.

Facebook Video Download Online Tools.

Download a Facebook Video Using chrome Extension.

A simple Chrome extension which will help you to complete this work without using any software or any other Website. Just click on the extension and start the Download.

When you are on any Facebook page containing any video click on the Extension. It should show that Video with a Download button click on it and your Download will start. Make sure You are not watching video on Theatre mode.

Use Websites to Download Facebook Videos.

There are many Web tools to do this. I am listing two website bellow, but you can use other websites also Just Google it and you will get the list of many sites to complete this work.

Both the sites works in same way. Just copy the link of the post containing the Video. For the link, Click on the Time of the post and you will get the link of that post. Paste this link in the Web tools and click on Download Button.

These sites also have the option to choose the Quality and Format of that videos, You can change them or go with Default settings.

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